SERENGETI: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report

The Royal Danish Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, wrote to the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) in early 2010, requesting details of the proposed highway through the Serengeti as well as seeking a copy of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report (ESIA) that had been duly commissioned.  
Herewith (link below) the official TANROADS reply copy to the Embassy, as well as the formal ESIA, completed by Inter-Consult in Tanzania, and labelled FINAL REPORT:   

TANROADS Letter + Inter-Consult ESIA for Loliiondo+Serengeti+Road+Report       (PDF file)

Personally, I have never seen such a poorly presented ESIA for such an important project, but you be the judge.  

It ignores the well-published research and opinions of internationally respected ecologists, envirnomentalists, conservationists and allied bodies.  

It gives no credible scientific or technical perspective in the formulation of its findings or even supports any assumption with valid economic research.  

For me, I believe this is a total COP-OUT by INTER-CONSULT and an utter affront to their recently acquired ISO accreditation and obligations associated therewith.  

It should be CLEARLY noted that this ESIA forms the singular basis for the current government’s proposals on a highway through the NORTH of the SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK.   

Furthermore, this report states that any challenges that might exist can be ‘mitigated’ against, and yet it makes no case whatsoever for any specific mitigating circumstances and appropriate evaluations thereof.  

As I said earlier – I think this is a total COP-OUT and strongly believe such a report could more easily have been written (far better) by an average student in their first year at university!!  

However – you be the judge, since I am not an accredited expert in such matters! 

Brian Sandberg
South Africa.


4 Responses to “SERENGETI: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report”

  1. 1 SN
    July 21, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Is this the govt. report??? I almost exploded (because of anger) when going through that!!! Arrrggggh!

    • July 21, 2010 at 1:36 pm

      Sadly, Steven, yes – this IS the OFFICIAL Tanzanian government ESIA report upon which all decisions are currently being made regarding a proposed “northern” Serengeti highway.

      The oft-quoted ‘feasibility’ study only regards 2 issues – the optimal routing of the highway thrugh the proposed northern region and the cost thereof. The assumption is that the ESIA has addressed most issues and anything outstanding can be ‘mitigated’ against.

      Like you, I almost exploded in anger at reading it.
      Precisely because I found it to be so irresponsible, cursory and childlike in its substance and analysis, I then tended to take a more aggresive approach to this matter, in terms of worldwide media exposure.
      However, I have now tempered my rhetoric somewhat, for more interactive dialogue and solution-finding! 😉

  2. 3 Shalini
    July 22, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    I cannot believe this! It has ruined my whole day/ week etc. What the hell is the government playing at with this ridiculous ESIA???? And ICT, the minute you hear India, you know its all about population and definitely not Animal populations, with a severe decline in their wildlife, and highways traversing major ecological tiger elephant zones what clue do they have about the impact on wildlife and migration if at all? As for impact on tourism, what know how do they have since tourism for India is solely based on culture and architecture??? I am totally disillusioned by this! I will when I am a little calmer write to the company and the Indian high commissions here and in Tanzania to protest some more…not that it might make a difference. I wish I could stand at the immigration desk in Tanzania and send all tourists back, in fact every tourist flying into TZ should have a letter of protest to hand over at immigration control and refuse to pay Visa Charges. 😦

    • July 22, 2010 at 12:30 pm

      Shalini – thank goodness someone else feels exactly as I did when I read it.

      I almost thought I was reading a ‘fairytale’ in primary school.

      I’m doing the kinds of things that you talk about, so if we can get more people to the same, we can only improve the prospect of increased (mature!) global awareness.

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